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A Little Christmas Magic

A Little Christmas Magic - K.C. Faelan A copy of this story was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

This was a sweet holiday story with a touch of angst. Close friends, Ryan Forsyth and Boone Ainsworth are the best of friends along with their friend Greg, who introduced them. After a long outing with friends, Ryan gets in an car accident that changes his perspective on what he wants in life. But going after what (or should I say who) he wants proves not to be so easy. With little help from Santa and friends a Christmas miracle seems to be in the works.

The sexual tension between Ryan and Boone was quite a read. For me, I found the mistakes the two made that complicated their relationship to be frustrating. There was that appeal that this wasn't a easy love story that unfolded for the characters. I liked that Boone and Ryan's relationship wasn't pretty at the start and it showed that relationships even new ones are hard work and everyone needs a second chance when mistakes are made.