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Launch the Hunt

Launch the Hunt - Mia West I received a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

It was a tad confusing at the start with all the characters being added to the story. It seems the author was a bit mixed up too, since she mixed up the Logan and John's last names in this one passage:

Ex. Logan Maddox is looking for John Tillman, Cora's brother, the pilot.
"Logan shrugged. “You like math, Cora?”
 She smiled at him. “Math likes me. Which is good because I want to be a pilot.”
 “You need calculus for that?” Was her brother a math whiz?
 “Maybe not. But it can’t hurt.”
 “No, it can’t.”
 Will was sending him an exasperated look that said, You done yet?
 “Believe I’ll take a short hike. You interested, Will?”
 “Um, no. I mean, I was gonna ask Mr. Maddox about some stuff when he gets back.”
 “Where’d he go?”
 “Went to check for fish,” Cora said.
 “Ah, well. I’ll be back in a bit. You guys okay?”
 “Fine, Dad.”

The story felt very one dimensional for me. John is hired to take Logan and his son out to hunt. In agreeing to be their guide, he inadvertently has to take his sister with him on the job since there's no one else to look after her. John and Logan are closeted but during the hunting trip get to know a bit about each other and start an affair.

There wasn't much happening in the story. I can't say there was a lot of character building or plot. I wanted to know more about the individual shifters. Readers don't really get much information on them and what little we do get was interesting but didn't quite quench my thirst for more.

The emotional moment with Cora and John after Cora's little joyride made a big impact on me. It livened up the whole story for me. The relationship development between John and Logan was a bit of a sensual experience with their fiery attraction for each other.

Logan and Will's nonchalant easy acceptance of shifters seemed a bit off to me but at the same times I really liked how accepting they were.