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OMEGA Born - C.R. Guiliano A very simple plot and story. The book is as the blurb describes it with some details excluded and a bit more fleshed out. Arri was the sterotypical weakish omega. He was considered weak by his birth pack and abused a goid amount of his life, his parents abandoned him and after his first shift he's kicked out if the pack. He wanders, going from job to job till he sees an ad perfect for his skills set. Merts the beta (from a rival pack) and is brought to meet the alpha. Both believe Arri to be human and he diesnt correct that assumption. But when times come Arri is unwittingly brought back to his birth pack and all hell breaks loose.

The concept of omegas and alpha and their traits and biological attributes was the most fascinating subject of this book besides for rivalry between the two packs and treatment Arri sufffered. I liked learning the limited information given to readers about the omegas, betas, and alphas. I also wished there was a bit more romance. The relationship development was almost nonexistent, it just felt like Arri and Dryden passing acquaintances and one wiff in wolf form forced them together. I know it was explained in the book how mating fever occurred and what would happen but I just felt it didn't feel alright.