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Ink and Shadows

Ink and Shadows - Rhys Ford I received a copy of this book in exchange for am honest review.

I'm not going to summarize what happened in the book mainly because there was a lot going on and I'm sure the other reviews covered it already (and probably did a much better job than I could ever). Do note that this story leans more heavily on the fantasy and paranormal aspects and has very little focus on m/m romance .

It was a slow start, it took me four chapter to finally get hooked on the book, by chapter three I was despairing about even being able to finish because I was quickly tiring of it. I did enjoy that the focus was on all parties (Death & Ari also know as War, Kismet & Mal or Pistilence, Faith, Charity and Beckett). It felt more of a wellrounded read because readers got to see what agenda was driving them and to get to know each characters personalities.

Mal was nothing like I was expecting his character to be. He wasn't much of a hero or even very helpful. I liked that even though the Four had their issues with each other they kept a united front. The action was pretty decent and dirty and gritty. The banter between the group was entertaining to read. The part with Death and Ari involving the car and reminder of the horse was hilarious.

I thought Hope was a cool character eventhough she only showed up towards the end. Her ignoring Faith's call was cold of her but made me smile (kind of an evil thought but hey I liked that cool collect of hers). The revelation of Peace's predecessor was exciting. I'm anticipating what Charity has up his sleeves since the plan failed and he lost his sister and Beckett is in no shape or form able to do much. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

I feel I also have to mention there were a few editing hiccups in the story, enough for me to stop and wonder if anyone proofread this.