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Johnnie - Cardeno C. I won this book in a giveaway.

I won't rehash what the book is about but will say it's a gripping read and it caught me from the get go. I really liked how the author handled such a delicate issue and really presented a solution for this particular pair. My heart really went out for Johnnie, who suffered with no identity and was living without really living. I really fell for him and felt I could easily relate him and his feelings. I was practically tearing up when it was presented how much he was suffering and the amount of pain from living a unfulfilling life.

Hugh was a star. I love him for being there for Johnnie for getting down the issue so quickly and trying to support Johnnie. I loved that he came to his senses so quickly since it appeared from the point before the that he just never really saw Johnnie as anything but the Siphon.

I really liked learning about pack life, seeing how the Premiere and Siphon were treated and just seeing the growth that was occurring. The distension with Larry was perfect and I'm just looking forward to seeing more in this series.