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Hidden Omega

Hidden Omega - Kady Stewart At the age of twelve, Jamie Wellings, goes into heat and his childhood as he knows it ends. He's held prisoner in the attic of his family home by his parents. Several years pass before Jamie is found by an Alpha, Ewan. Ewan is a landscaper hired by Jamie's parents. His meeting with Jamie is one of chance and after meeting innocent sweet Jamie, Ewan knows that Jamie is the one.

Very interesting story concept with a play off Rapunzel. The two aren't shifters seeing as wolves were never mentioned instead it seems alpha and omega are a result of a biological phenomenon that creates omega and alpha attributes. I liked seeing the alternating POV from both characters. The insecurity of a younf Ewan worrying about finding his omega made it more of an appealing read. The innocence and fear from Jamie since he's been sequestered for years of his life just grabbed me from the start. I felt it was a well rounded story for such a short story.