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Level Hands

Level Hands - Amy Jo Cousins I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

It all starts with nineteen year old Rafael (Rafi) Castro carrying out his promise to kiss Denny Winslow on his eighteenth birthday. Rafi decided to do it the week Denny is going to leave for his gap year internship. The kiss comes and its blows the two of them away. Two years pass before the two see each other again. Rafi has managed to get a sports (rowing) scholarship to Carlisle. Anticipation of change and meeting an older Denny makes Rafi a bit of nervous wreck. Rafi feels he has to find his own way so he keeps Denny at arm length until the attraction proves too much. Having to deal with rumors surrounding why he got the scholarship, school work, his relationship with Denny and then family problems pushes Rafi to his breaking point.

It was an interesting read. I really liked seeing Denny and Rafi when they were a bit younger and Rafi felt he couldn't be with Denny because he was about two years younger than him. I liked that he waited and they only got to kiss and say goodbye and then had their reunion. Rafi's stress/emotional state with school and new environmental was something I though a lot of people could relate to and was nice to see even if it didn't exactly show Rafi in a good light. I definitely looking forward to seeing what the author has next in store for readers in the series.