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Held Hostage

Held Hostage - Morticia Knight I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Brett, whom readers first meet in Copping an Attitude (book 2 in the series), has just moved to Las Vegas to settle down deciding it was time to do so in preparations to put down roots. In doing so he takes a demotion in the upscale clothing company he works for. Within his first week at the store, he's put in danger as a deranged man comes into the store and takes everyone inside hostage.

Cole, a SWAT member is one of the individuals who come to Brett's rescue by taking the kill shot that saves Brett from the deranged gunman. Recognizing each other from the bar they visited the night before. The two seek comfort in each others company.

I liked that everything was kind of clear cut and straightforward in this. Readers got to see the relationship development and the lines were drawn about what both Cole and Brett were seeking in the relationship. The sex was kinkier than I expected...the waxing made me a bit squeamish. Cole was pretty crass but I liked how open he was about everything. I liked seeing the personal growth from Brett due to Cole's influence.