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Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps. Step Five: Love / Step Six: All the Rest

Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps. Step Five: Love / Step Six: All the Rest - Alex Gabriel I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Continues after volume two. Ryuu's screwed up. Hiro doesn't believe anything can come of their relationship and so breaks it off. Ryuu is in denial, pushes at Hiro and attempts to force him to admit he still feels something for Ryuu. When that backfires, the two try to move but it sounds easier than it seems.

Well this volume just wrecked me a bit. For about a third it was just sad seeing Ryuu trying to fix what he broke. It did pay off but it was painful to see him in the situation he dug himself and Hiro into. I was whooping in joy when the fence was mended and I thought it was endearing how hard he was trying to make their relationship work. I love stories with growth in them. Hiro and Ryuu influencing each other to change bit by bit was a lovely sight. Again the sex and intimacy was swoon worthy *fans self* I'm a tad jealous.

I really liked that Ryuu was sticking to his gun and putting thoughts behind his actions when it concerned Hiro and his happiness. That he was trying to keep his fears from ruining his relationship with Hiro. The idea that Ryuu was going to let the chips fall where they may and not hiding aspects like toothbrushes, bath robes, and hanging out with Hiro in public a secret was really awesome. If I didn't already love him and Hiro this would have definitely won me over.

I really loved this story but I felt the ending was a bit too open ended for my taste. I did feel bereft after finishing up the series though so major kudos to the author for affecting me this way. It's nothing something I feel often.