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Silent Woods

Silent Woods - Ofelia Gränd I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The book covers Daniel's POV. When his husband Anders talks him into going camping for two days with their three and five year old in toll, he reluctantly agrees. Not being much of an outdoors man he has his doubts and worries about the trip.Immediately on arrive he noticed the unsettling silence and during the their hike/walk feels as if they're being watched. Anders tries to assuage his fears by reassuring him he's safe and all is well so far. When their son goes missing, Daniel realizes his fears have come true. Concerned and afraid they call for help and learn the lore associated with the lake.

The build up of tension, fear, unease and the mannerism of the characters made this a very enjoyable read. The truth about the lake was chilling and by the end of the story it had me breaking out with goosebumps and a chill running down my back.