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Love Note

Love Note - T. Kierei I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I don't usually like to read student-teacher relationship type of stories (even those featured in yaoi manga). That being said I decided to give this a chance since I haven't come across many in m/m fiction.

While reading the book I found myself wanting to pick through all the issues I came across. Surprisingly, for me, the age gap between Lucas and Malcolm (four to five years older) wasn't an issue at all and I found it an appropriate aged gap. What I did want to pick at was how childish and immature the characters were. Malcolm's an adult and I felt even if he was about twenty-two in the book he shouldn't have appeared so immature. He was acting like a young teen and it kind of bothered me a bit. It especially was so since Malcolm was already paying mortgage on a house, bills and had a I would assume a hefty bank account (seemed money was no object, after the accident/hospital incident).

Lucas behavior was more appropriate, I guess, to his age. I expected him to somewhat act as he did. Lucas and Malcolm's interaction sometimes had me mentally rolling on the floor and sometimes actually rolling my eyes.

Also the two didn't seem like they were at all worried about getting caught even though Malcolm stated his worry a few times throughout the story. Their actions in public showed they had no sense of danger especially the one scene after Malcolm saved Lucas from the rooftop.

Towards the last 4th of the book things really got a bit cliche. The accident, the callous family members, the return of a past love interest, the amnesia and Lucas trying to be a martyr was a lot to take in. That being said, I did respect Lucas for trying so hard to support Malcolm, given his situation.