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Claiming His Mate

Claiming His Mate - Lissa Ford Kristof two feather is a lone shifter who is called home by his home pack alpha with news that they tracked the killed who killed off a pack member and Kristof's only close friend, Haley. Invited retribution for Haley, Kristof,who been trained by special forces, accepts the proposal and goes after the killer. Logan Dix is laying low after the mishap on a mission resulting in an informatives death. Smelling the scent of another werewolf in his territory he goes in pursuit. He saves Kristof from trap he set up up as a precaution for unwanted visitors. Unbeknownst to the two their meeting sets off a chain of events that will change both their lives.

Learning about the shifters in this book were a bit of a new adventure. They were different from the norm in classification: I.e. rogue, lone shifters and alpha of a pack and such things as imprinting. The mannerism and characteristics of each on a social hierarchy was intriguing to learn about. The chemistry between Kriatof and Dix were smoldering. The fact that they were all over each other while fighting just showed how volatile and passionate they were to each other. For such a short read it was well written and packed a fantastic storyline. There were heart aching moments when Kristof was fighting the claiming and was trying to let Dix off gently by telling him it wasn't in his lone shifter status to stick around.