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A Cupid's Wager (A Valentine Rainbow)

A Cupid's Wager (A Valentine Rainbow) - Deanna Wadsworth Lio is a lower level cupid who has been burned by a lover and it's made him a little jaded (I guess). Ethan is an old Aztec god who is also a cupid both work for different divisions. They have a run in because Lio has accidentally (err...not so accidentally) shot Ethan's mark.

Lio's pain and the stuff with him losing trust kinda caused a huge pang in my chest. Ethan binding them just made the pang harsher because Lio hadn't know what Ethan was planning till it happened. It ended at a good part and I wished the story was complete with a revelation or something. I hope there will be a sequel or a free short or something with more of a relationship development between the two and not just casual sex with the promise of more. Quite a lot of sexual situations in this short story.