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Spellbound - Marcus Atley Reading the relationship development form between Stavros and Elion was stunning. The dislike, the attraction and the blooming love. The surly grumpy Stavros getting worn down by a chipper friendly spunky Elion was a sight to behold. The plot was intriguing although at the start I had my doubts since it just seemed to have started from mid-story. It all came together at the end though. Mikhail was a sweet guy and I was glad to see he was Stavros father figure. The case involving Malachi and Victor I felt could have been a more prominent issue. I felt there wasn't enough intrigue involving those two villains.

As far as formatting issues. It was a problem and reading it was bit confusing but after a while I got so use to it and it stopped being a problem. The story is all there and it was easy to piece what was happening together.