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Reunited At A Reunion

Reunited At A Reunion - J.S. Morbius 2.5 stars

Two ex lovers are reunited at their college reunion. Victor fights his feelings of getting involved with Ian after ten years of separation but ultimately gives up.

I found it to be a promising story but there were a lot of holes. Ian slipped his business card to Victor. Victor uses the number to contact Ian. After a night of passion Ian leaves Victor a letter with his number. It turns out to be the wrong number...Victor gives up thinking Ian doesn't want a relationship because the number is wrong. He gets a text from Ian telling Victor off. The misunderstanding is fixed and they start their relationship anew. An issue that I found was that Victor had his number already, if the business card didn't provide Ian's mobile number assuming that since Ian works in a supermarket its very unlikely he would need more than one mobile. The story just felt a bit sloppy. They both had several ways to contact each other.