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His Omega

His Omega - A.C. Katt A few grammar errors. Found the facts of being a loup garou was interesting and a nice change from the norm that they could only procreate when they found their mates. The imagery the author painted of the size of the wolf or in general Armand in wolf form was quite helpful in imagining the size of the wolves and made it easy to imagine what Sean might have felt. I felt a bit bad for the imaginary characters that got the boot out of their apartment because Armand wanted revenge for their treatment of Sean who couldn't pay his way.

I was curious to whether Sean being born as as boy was only possible because his father was a descendant of a omega line? Alphas can't have male offspring according to the story.

The congratulatory after the vows were said would have made me question what Armand was. His people were congratulating him and calling him alpha in front of Tony and Nina, Sean's very human friends....

It got a bit cheesy for me at some parts. The sex scenes had pretty bad dialogue and it kind of reminded me of sex scenes like those of a harlequin romance novel. The talk about fisting was a bit of a turn off.

The ending was alright I was expecting more dire consequences. The enforcers in the book were a bit ruthless in my opinion.