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Teach Me

Teach Me - Sloan  Johnson Reads a bit like a diary from two people. Reads from the perspective of David and Austin. Readers get to read about their feeling and their voice are very distinct. It feels easy to get to know them and their sided of events. What they thoughts are and why they act as they are and lastly their emotions.

The 15 yo age difference was something that stuck out as a sore thumb for me. Its not for me to judge and ridicule but it just bothered me a bit. I had to kept telling myself to keep an open mind and that love is love. It was just something that kept popping out to me when I was reading.

The growth and change in the characters didn't seem too significant to me. There was some emotional and psychological growth but not enough .. I felt a bit disappointed. I would have liked to have seen some banter and whatnot between the two. When David stated his reasons for loving Austin, it just didn't feel like it fit since readers didn't get to see those things from Austin. I didn't get that "I fell in love with your personality and want you? or get to know you better" vibe.

As I said it really read as more of a detached diary with each character speaking their side of the story. The epilogue was a nice touch but I think I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the development.