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The Boy and His Wolf

The Boy and His Wolf - Sean   Thomas 3.5 stars

Readers first meet Tanner as he's engaging in battle (against other fellow hunters in training!). It's after training he gets news that his old alpha has been murdered. He makes a quick decision to return home and to face his mate after being away for four year.

It was such a different story from the normal shifter stuff. First off, Tanner is a human who trained to become a hunter. He left home never planning to return leaving his mate behind and trying to move on. The idea of a hunter not hunting paranormal without prejudice was a unique idea. For that, I liked it right off the bat. The story/plot was intriguing and I have to admit my only complaint is that I wish it was longer and the author had flushed out the story. Also to note the pack seemed exceptionally small with just Mason, Jacey, Carson and Tanner being mentioned.