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Finding Matt

Finding Matt - J.D. Ruskin Cutiest story with pets I've ever read. I don't usually like reading stories with pets since I can't really understand the infatuation with them. Jaron's dog Bear was an awesome protective dog. I loved seeing their interaction at the start and throughout the book. The protectiveness Bear showed towards Jaron was adorable. It was cool to read about and pretty sweet.

I loved that the author try to make this a humorous read. I was laughing when Silva tried to bribe Bear with a hotdog. Also at the idea of Jaron unable to communicate with roaches had me laughing.

The author did a wonderful job with building the the intrigue for Matt's case. I enjoyed reading it all unfold from Matt's kidnapping and seeing Marnie's mental state while she held Matt hostage. It was thrilling to see what type of abilities Jaron would exhibit. The nonchalant way Jaron took in people's acceptance (skepticism or denial) of his gift made him a character that just stood out to me. I admired that trait in him. His honesty in the way he ran his business also made me appreciate his character more.