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The King's Men - Nora Sakavic I finished this book two days ago and I'm still feeling bereft because it ended. It was so good that I just don't know what to do or read anymore so I've been sitting in my room rereading my favorite parts from it for the last couple days. Beware: the book is hard to put down once you get started so make sure you have a lot of time before bedtime to start this.

Everything that unfolds in this last installment just made my skin tingle when I was reading it. The care the team showed towards Neil and how much influence he had over Andrew (which readers started seeing in book 2) continues in this installment. I had tingles running through my body at the action parts and near miss with Niel's life.

Let's talk about the relationship development between Andrew and Neil for a second. It was absolutely awesome and I wish the author could have spoiled us a bit more with them. Andrew is still volatile as ever but he shows a certain consideration for Neil and I loved that. Vice versa it is the same on Neil's side of things.

Again reading about the sport of Exy was fun. I think I was being a bit practical when I was reading since I was thinking about how taxes worked in the book world (it was the car being replaced with a Maserati that did it...). A small issue I had was that Aaron's trial was bought up in the book about it being close but readers never got to read about how it turned out. Also when I first started the book (after rereading books 1 and 2) I did think the tone of the book changed just a little but I just took that it did so because of Neil's mental state. Other than that I did enjoy the book immensely. If there's ever a chance maybe the author will think about a short story or revisiting everyone in the book again? maybe (please!)