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The Lifeguard and the Geek

The Lifeguard and the Geek - Cameron Dane, Jamie Urban Griffin is graphic artist collaborating with a writer, Charlie, to make a novel. Charlie invites him to his beach house which he shares with three other people. Right off the bat Drew catches his eye but being the shy geeky type Griffin doesn't do much. Drew also feels the attraction but being straight and never having experience with another guy even if he's noticed other guys before puts him off making any type of move. Griff makes the move to Cali. The two become very close friends. Still not sure of Griff's sexual orientation and Griff not really sure about Drew being receptive, never makes a move on each other in fear it'll ruin their relationship even though their growing attraction is getting harder to fight. Then IT Happens and it's explosive.

I really liked this book and it didn't really go as I expected it to. It has that sound of a cliched Hallmark story on the outside but it sure didn't feel like it when I was reading it. I loved seeing the development of their relationship from their first meeting, to their extremely close friendship and finally into the foray of a romantic relationship. It was awesome. The only issue I had was the dialogue during the sex scenes. They just felt really sappy and a little over the top for me. The fact that Griffin could think so analytically during what was suppose to be mind blowing sex was just funky to me.

The ending was just too sweet and adorable. I was smiling so hard and frankly I wished there was some sort of proposal.

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