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Hard Act to Follow

Hard Act to Follow - K. Vale, Kimber Vale I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Kyrie and Greg are best friends and ex-brother-in-laws. We first meet the two in Double Takes (you don't need to read it to understand what's going on and may be read as a standalone. I do recommend going back to read the other books though.) They spend almost all their free time with each other. Greg has been pining after Kyrie and really tries to fight these feelings not because he's supposedly straight but because he doesn't want to lose the friendship or betray his adopted family. Kyrie is a quirky person and he so free and fun.hes an easy person to get along with. He's always pulling Greg around and trying to get Greg and his sister jazz together. It's endearing. Then after one drunken night it just so happens they fall into bed together. The morning after is tense and a bit awkward. Kyrie makes up a lie hoping Greg wouldn't be too keen on discussing what happened. From then on their relationship becomes strained and distant. Greg and Kyrie communications is lacking and the strain on their relationship will either break them or make them. All they need to do is air out their troubles.

I found Kyrie a funny guy especially with his one eyed cat Willie. The part when their moving cracked me up ( I’m a horrible person for laughing at such a serious part but the things that came out of Kyrie’s mouth and the way I imaged him saying it just had me laughing). I loved the relationship dynamic between Greg and Kyrie. In fact I loved a lot about this book: that Kyrie managed to do what Jazz couldn’t for Greg. The change and effect of their behavior
towards each other and that Greg helped Kyrie get that recommendation and made it happen when dealing with Kyrie s ex-bf/academic adviser. It was enjoyable seeing the interaction they had with family. I would have liked to have seen more of their backstory. Readers really just got very basic info about them.

The thing with Jeremy was intriguing if I was a cartoon character I think my eyes would have been popping out of my head. It was pretty juicy news and completely unexpected considering his name only shows up twice in the book in reference to Kyrie’s ex. The reconciliation had me ‘awwing’ and laughing. I loved that Greg told Kyrie to stay out of his Kyrie jerk off drawer.