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Breeding my Boyfriend

Breeding my Boyfriend - Barry Lowe Costa is a hard working and dedicated boyfriend. He supports his down on his luck boyfriend who barely makes enough to support himself. On one late night he's awaken by his boyfriends cell phone which has fallen under the bed. Costa's eyes catches on the lit up screen and discovers some really heartbreaking information. His boyfriend of over a year has been hooking up with a bunch of people. The messages are quite vulgar. Setting up a plan to see if his boyfriend is really being unfaithful Costa spies on him the next day. His discovery has proven all is true. Over a period of time Costa acts as normal as possible while collecting material he needs and setting up a plan. On his boyfriend's birthday he sets it all into motion.

If you're a reader looking for something kinky to read and aren't looking for a love story this would be the story for you. Its a bit of a depressing read to see his boyfriend being a complete ass. He's cheating on Costa right and left and even talks badly about him with his numerous hookups. All the sexual acts kind of scare. Jess wasn't the type to put safety first. He just wanted sex and it didn't seem like he was using a condom at all. The revenge Costa planned out was kind of devious but at the same time not really great in my opinion. I felt like he put himself in danger not gloving up and I'm not really sure how much of a punishment it turned out to be for Jess. Seeing as Jess loved rough sex and getting taken.