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Need You Now

Need You Now - Mercy Celeste Jake Benefield returns home after a longtime away after seeing his best friend and love interest Logan Riley screwing a female (best)friend on their couch. Still grieving for the lost of his lover in a drunken driving accident, Jake is a bit loss and trying to pull his life back together. Logan not knowing about any of this tried to bring him back into the fold and throws him a party. Afterwards Logan asks him to stay so he can show him something. They get to talking and discover air out feelings that have always been there between them.

I thought this was a pretty good friends to lovers story. There were some parts that I wished there was a bit more tension and I wished had just gone a bit differently. Jake's subconscious seeing his dead lover was a bit much for me. I did think it was nice that his ex-lover approved of him moving on but I felt it all just fell together too easily for Logan and Jake. I did like getting snippets of Jake and his ex. It was nice seeing Jake and Logan talk and airing out that information about their sexuality, relationship and just reading about how much their lives have changed in those four or so years they were separated.