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Amber - T. Strange I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Anthony sees a psychic whom tells his fortune. Thereafter he starts to lose his senses of color. Being an
artist who paints for a living, this is a problem. Not understanding what is happening he tries everything he can think of to fix it on his own. Fast forward twenty years and readers see he has given up until one night he comes across a poster of a musician and the color yellow pops up at him. He's overwhelmed with the need to find the musician who brought this one color back into his bleak life.

Anthony is a bit freaky in his interaction with Teague. His obsession with trying to regain all colors again override his senses when he's with Teague and his treatment of him is appalling during sex and when he sees him. I mean it's very understandable where he's coming from and in his shoes I wouldn't be so sure I wouldn't be as selfish and do the same as he did. I liked the grand gesture he made in showing Teague how important and sorry he is. I wouldn't mind revisiting these two again just to see if how everything progressed after they got back together.