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Love You Forever

Love You Forever - Amelia  Bishop I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Silenus suspects his long time lover, Dionysus of being unfaithful. He drinks himself into a drunken state. Both are fae/ gods? Cue Rick and Cole. Young lovers who have each just come out to their families and are about to set off to college. Cole's family takes it relatively well whereas Ricks family doesn't take to it as easily. During a short rendezvous near their spot at a lake the two are found by a drunken Sil and a sober Dion. Sil takes a look at the young lovers who remind him of what he used to have with Dion. He reads them and curses Rick because he sees that he's the straying type like his Dion and the two fae zip out of there. Cole and Rick are shaken up about the weird meeting but go back home to spend time together. The two are worried about the curse and set out to find out more about the two fae/gods
and the curse.

The curse on Rick was interesting to see in its beginning stage since the two didn't know how it worked and what type of parameters it would set for Ricks living arrangement. I did feel Cole was being selfish. He was getting everything he wanted regardless of what Rick wanted or felt. I didn't think he was being accommodating or cool with Rick. He knew Rick was uncomfortable with affection in a public setting and with good reason but he just kept pushing for him for more and more in the relationship. I expected more from him while Rick was trying to get a handle on this ordeal seeing as it was messing up any life plans he had for himself. For someone who claimed to love Rick so much, Cole's behavior was just coming off as anything but loving. He kept on taking and taking and was not giving anything back. He didn't even try to get Sil and Dion to show up again when Rick was really trying.

The part in the tent made me want to scoff at Cole, everything or thought just aggravated me to no end. I could understand Cole and Sil wanting confirmation to mutual attraction and fidelity in a relationship but the way they went about it just made me hate them the more I got into the story. Everything they did was selfish and only beneficial to them in ther respective relationship. The last straw for me was when Cole started to abuse (okay, yes,it was one beating should I be saying abused?) Rick for something that Rick couldn't/wouldn't give him.

When he started cheating on Rick I just couldn't hold back the tears any more. I was just so sad for Rick that he was tied up in this whole situation. That his Cole took him for granted and that no matter what Rick did, Cole never found him enough. Their love was just so tarnished and it hurt to read about it. Even when the two had a mutual breakup Cole still wasn't satisfied with their relationship.

At the start of the book I did like reading about Cole and Rick's relationship. The love between them seemed strong on both sides. A little more on Rick's than Cole (for me) and I did like seeing how at ease they were with each other. The story was entertaining but just so very frustrating.