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Moonlight & Love Songs (The Le Chat Rouge Series)

Moonlight & Love Songs (The Le Chat Rouge Series) - Alyssa Linn Palmer I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

This is my first book from this author. I did not read the previous book in the series so it just goes to show that this book can be read as a standalone.

Benoît is a pianist for club, Le Chat Rouge, which has just lost it's singer, Sera. Trying to find a replacement for her is a tideous process and it seems that Benoit is on the cusp of unemployeement. Then the club brings in Daniel, who seems to be a great replacement for Sera. The attraction between Daniel and Benoît is instanteous but both of a bit wary of starting anything. Daniel has his secrets and they have the power to make or break his relationship with Benoît if he allows it to.

I was intrigued for a portion of the story since Daniel came off as a very mysterious character. Readers were getting bits and pieces of his background slowly. I found myself committed to finding out what type of favor he owed to Royale(the club owner/gangster).

When I did find out I was a tad agitated at the idea of Daniel being grateful to Royale for pulling him out of his predicament. Royale blackmailing ("incentive to force him to do his dirty work") was truly disgusting and it made me want to smack Daniel for ever being grateful to Royale for helping him out of his hometown.

There was a part of me that was just a tiny bit disappointed that Daniel believed he couldn't kick his addiction for himself or even Benoît, whom he claims he loves. There wasn't even a feeling that he wanted to try after getting hooked again. I have to give the author props for depicting the hunger, pain, helplessness and desperation of an drug addict.

The ending was fine but I just wished that there had been an epilogue showing readers how the two were a few months after Daniel's stint with rehab. Overall, the story was a pleasant read and I will probably keep an eye on this authors future stories.