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Country Crush

Country Crush - Shiloh Saddler I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This short story was a entertaining and easy read. The chemistry between the characters is strong having been built from months of corresponding after being matched on a gay one night stand site. The two find themselves agreeing to meet up when they happen to find themselves being in the same city at the same time. Blake is a star of the rodeo trek and Will is a popular country singer. Having been sent a VIP ticket to Will's concert, Blake accepts it thinking his blind date is using the singer as fluff to ready him for their one night stand. Unbeknownst to Blake is that Will is his one night stand. When Blake finds out he's shocked but he's all for it since he's a fan of Will and Will is just a great looking guy. In their short face to face time the two find themselves wanting their time to last longer. Then, Will gets word from his manager that paparazzi has gotten a hold of picture of him and Blake together and a decision has to be made about how to handle the situation.

I enjoyed the story immensely. The sex between the Blake and Will was pretty hot. I would have loved a little fun banter between the two but what readers got was more than satisfying. Blake's insecurities about his disability was a bit of a downer but the upside was that Will was supportive and tried to make him see his disability in a more positive light.