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Open Endings

Open Endings - Megan Linden I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Matt walks into recruitment office for info but instead finds a guy who let's him know everyone's out at lunch and that he shouldnt bother enlisting cause it's not worth it. From that one interaction Matt is drawn to the guy. As a thank you, he buys the guy lunch and learns his name is Cole. There's just something about Cole that has Matt chasing after him and the attraction isn't excatly onesided.

I love reading about how relationships develop and blossom into something more in RL and in books. For me this book was a real treat and I absolutely loved it. My thought process while reading this was that I could have really been sitting there as a friend seeing Cole and Matthew meet for the first time, seeing the awkward little lunch dates they had and just watching it all become more. Both characters were very likeable and the relationship development had my heart pitter pattering. I loved that both were mature enough to not interfer in each others or other people's lives. They handled the situations that popped up really well and I loved that they never lost their cool even when provoked. I hope the author plans to revisit them in the future because I would love to see how much more growth the two caused in each other.