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Will and Pleasure

Will and Pleasure - Iyana Jenna I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jake father has just pass and his fathers men comes to get him to bring him to see his brothers. At the house he discovers that his father had been keeping a person captive as his sex slave. Unable to just leave him with his brother's Jake takes Luke under the guise of being the first one to sleep with him. When Luke tires Jake out, he decided to make an escape attempt ending with Luke getting caught and raped by Jake's brother, Craig. Jake takes Luke away from his father's home in an attempt to hide him and keep him safe from his brother.

I felt there was just a lot of events unfolding in such a short read. A lot of the book is just Luke getting abused by the brothers. Once he think he might be free, Luke is always seemingly caught. Jake seems to fall to quickly for Luke too. They have sex one time and Jake suddenly decides he's no longer straight and admits to Luke he's developing feelings for him not even 24 hrs after meeting.

I don't know how I feel about Luke being raped and Jake just not trying to get him help by authorities and just taking him to his mothers house. I mean, Luke was just badly beaten and viciously raped and Jake's thought process was to treat the wounds and rush him to his mother's house. Luke was totally desensitized by everything. It was hard to think of Luke as a rape victim since he didn't really act like one. I'm not even sure I would have called him an abuse victim if not for his desperation and terror of not being able to escape.

For a cop, Aaron,just came off a bit suspicious to me. I felt like underneath everything he may have had the same inclinations as Jake's father but with less cruelty. The story was very cliche and some of the actions of the characters were questionable.

This wasn't one of the best book by this author that I've read but it wasn't exactly a bad read either.