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An Omega's Fate (Romance on the Go)

An Omega's Fate (Romance on the Go) - Iyana Jenna Ethan is the type of guy that is giving and attentive. He's driving home and is on the phone helping a subordinate when he comes across a jumper. The jumper turns out to be a pregnant omega tiger shifter who husband has just been murdered. Thing move quickly for the two within a day Ethan falls in love and by the second he calls the pregnant tiger shifter his fiance. Other minor stuff occur. There's no action and frankly I feel that the author kind of left it unfinished.

Readers don't actually get to see Harrison get justice for his murder. There's a bit of a summation of what's going to happen. Leland name was brought up but his character was never presented. The tiger shifter had a screwy recollection of conversation dealing with Quinn and it kind of conflicted with how quickly he believed Quinn recounting of what happened. Insta-love kinda thing wasn't working for me here it just came across as weird. The bondage portion also felt weird to me since Luca was pregnant.