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Given the Circumstances

Given the Circumstances - Brad Vance I like the way the author executed the story. The varying POVs made the story well rounded and kind of let us experience the varying emotions and thoughts of all the characters. It was fun learning about the characters and kind of sharing their experiences. Reading about Roger as a child, his fathers experience and care for him and Brian's meeting with both Roger and Roger's father kind of helped with that connection between reader and the characters that I look forward to forming when reading a book. I did grow extremely frustrated with the POV from the more minor characters and I have to say I was extremely bugged by the way Brian couldn't stay faithful. The story is predictable and it has it's cliche moments but it still turned out to be a very entertaining read.

I only rated it three stars because I felt the chemistry between Brian and Roger was lacking and not at all sincere. It just never struck a cord in me and I felt that Brian wasn't as seriously committed to Roger like Roger was to him.