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Caleo - James   Crawford The plot sounds a bit like Silver Diamond (manga) to me mixed with a bit of Betrayal Knows My Name (manga). It a really fun read with humor, fun banter between characters, a touch of grief and frustration. There was quite a bit of tears in this one and it did bother me a bit that the MC's were crying so much but then again they had a lot to cry about.

I have to say I don't think Caleo is a a character that learns from past mistakes. He seems to just keep making the same mistakes and puts himself and his family/friends in danger. The actions of the characters in this book are a bit questionable and throughout I find myself wondering why they don't do things differently (of course if there was no danger there would be no story...so I understand why the author has them doing what they are).

I liked the story line and the interaction among characters. I look forward to reading the next installment.

My only other complaint for this book is there is still editing issues in the print copy. I was hoping those problems would be taken care of before production but it's kind of too late now.