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Fraternal Devotion

Fraternal Devotion - K. Piet, Kristen Pavka, D.K. Jernigan, Alisha Steele, Leigh Wilder, Azalea Moone, S.L. Armstrong 3.5 stars

I haven't read many incest/brocest stories but I thought all the stories in this anthology were well done. Okay, that may not be totally true...2.5 of the 5 stories in the anthology were just acceptable for me. They were well written but just didn't grab my attention like the other stories. The main reason those stories weren't working for me was because of the actions and personality of the characters. Also some of the situations that the MC's were dealing with were kind of brushed off and ignored.

The emotional struggles the MC's had and how badly they wanted their love to transcend their assigned familial bonds made for an intense read.

I'm hoping there will be more of these type of trope from SMP.