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Colorado Wild - Sara York 2.5 stars

I'm a bit on the fence about this book. This story has multiple changing POV, switching every chapter to a different person at Wild Bluff and some times even from page to page. Readers start off being introduced to Duff and Grant who are welcoming Roger to their top secret organization. The main focus being between Grant and Roger. Then later changing to Tucker and eventually the other guys at the ranch.

I found the story intriguing although somewhere in the back of my mind I kind of felt that the characters were a bit incompetent at their jobs (at least that's how I interpreted it with Craig, Grant's ex-boyfriend, constantly several steps ahead of them and Grant losing (or almost losing) his cover --> the little excerpt for Colorado Heat pointed this out too). The attraction among the couples was great and made this a bit more appealing to me, but not by much.

I kind of felt the blurb was extremely misleading and can easily be misconstrued. I thought the story would be predominantly about Tucker and Billy but that isn't so since the POV kept revolving among 4-5 of the team of 9? (or was it 10?). I also got a bit confused at times with the dialogue. There were times where I didn't know who was doing the addressing and who was being addressed.