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Royal Pains

Royal Pains - Dakota Rebel Sequel to To Hate and To Hold and is told from Ethan's POV. This story picks up a year after Jamie becomes King of Chicago. Ethan and Jamie relationship is strained because of Jamie's job and they try to catch time for themselves when they can. Ethan is called home to watch over the kingdom. Jamie visits him and drama ensues. Truths come to light and Jamie finally shares with Ethan that things aren't going exactly as planned in Chicago. On Jamie's return to Chicago, he finds out just how messed up things are. Together Jamie and Ethan have to figure out how to rectify the situation and take control of the clan.

I didn't like story as much as the first in the series. I felt Jamie came off as a bit of a wuss in this one. At the start I kind of missed that animosity Jamie and Ethan had between them in book 1 but that was remedied the further I read. The sex between them was still sizzling and the storyline overall was good.