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Dark Around the Edges: Put the Gun Down

Dark Around the Edges: Put the Gun Down - Cari Z. Just like in episode one Devon again infiltrates another club this time with Steven in toll. Of course, there's some trouble and it becomes a race against time for one of the characters...

Great action and very exciting episode (a cliffhanger episode so don't read this if you don't have episode 5 too). The major questions from episode 1 is answered and we discover who was after Devon.

There was a few mistakes with grammar but that didn't bother me in the other episodes and it doesn't here either. What did bother me though is the fact that it was stated in the previous episode that Steven was 27and Devon was 23yrs old. But in this episode Devon mentions Steven only being 3 yrs older than him. Not much of an age difference I know but it's little details like these that kind of make it less enjoyabe a read to me.