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Once in a Forest

Once in a Forest - Ofelia Gränd A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Tom is a lumberjack who is so deep in the closet that the thought of even having a relationship sets him into a panic. Jason is a bartender from the city taking a break for the Easter holiday to visit his friend Aiden. Issues arise, resulting in Jason rooming with Tom. Jason sees this as a his chance, whereas poor Tom is trying to resist Jason in hopes of not becoming the talk of the town.

This was a cute story. From the blurb I thought Jason would be overly aggressive to the point of being annoyingly push but he wasn't like that at all. He was subtly aggressive almost passive and his flirting was too. It was kind of like a "haha..I'm joking..haha..(whispers)..not really..(whispers end)hahaha ¬_¬" kind of way. It was fun to read.

Tom was such a caring sweetheart. His concern over Jason, when he barley knew him, was sweet and he was so easy to like for it.