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Red River (Pack Collection Book 2)

Red River (Pack Collection Book 2) - Cardeno C. The cover is gorgeous. During the reading I kept going back to glance at it...I just couldn't help myself.

I'm pretty sure this is Cardeno C's first mpreg story and I have to say I really loved it. While Wes and Jobe did first fall into bed before they got together this was not an insta-love story. There was very good relationship build and banter. Readers got a good look at how the Red River pack differed from other packs. Also we got to see Wes in a place that didn't treat him as a defect, which heartened my emotional state a lot.

The introduction of Psi wolves was mind blowing to see. I was excited to read about Psi wolves and the fact that they were rare and capable of carrying pups. The description of the birthing was weird to me. I wasn't comfortable about hands going into that part of the body.

I'm hoping the next installment will focus on Ricky and Morgan, if not Brian =)