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Fated for the Dragon

Fated for the Dragon - Kellan Larkin An ARC of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Samuel Horn is a senior in college majoring in archeology. He found his fated mate at a young age but lost him due to an unfortunate accident. Still trying to get over losing his mate he throws himself into his passion for archeology, excited to be in the class well known and experienced professor in the field. But he doesn't expect to feel so attracted to the professor.

Stephan Salts is well known in his field of work. Only teaching one class a semester, he spends the rest working on his research of fated mates and pottery of the sky wolf pack. As part of his grant requirement he has to pick one of his students to aid him in his research. Upon meeting Sam he doesn't expect to feel such a strong attraction to one of his students. He suspects Sam may even be his fated mate.

But between pining after a lost mate and the school policy against teacher and student fraternizing. The two try to resist their attraction.

The story was nice and I liked that there was a buildup. That both got to know each other some before something happened between them. I also enjoyed being able to read about them being in the field, finding artifacts and reading about the ups and downs of situations the crop up. This was my first book with an archeology theme in it.

Sam's parents rubbed me the wrong way and I thought they were pretty cold hearted and harsh. I had a moment of intense dislike for them and wanted to see Sam cut ties with them. I liked Stephen's willingness to support Sam and trying go help him be more dependent of his parents. The ending was cute with Sky.