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Secrets and Bow Ties

Secrets and Bow Ties - Lou Harper I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Dylan is a self proclaimed gold digger looking for the sugar daddy that will support him. One night at work he's asked by a client to flirt with a shy guy, Simon, who happens to be celebrating his birthday and do it in a manner that might help build his confidence. One thing leads to another and Dylan ends up having what he consideres to be a one night stand. Simon does come to his mind sporadically in the days after but Dylan thinks he knows what he wants and it isn't a Simon. Anyway not to long after, Dylan hits on a silver haired fox, whom appears to be loaded and gets himself into a bit of trouble. Needing to lay low he goes to Simon.

I read the first two books in the series and I wasn't sure what to expect..I was not at all disappointed and loved getting to know Simon and Dylan and the brief revisit with Olly and Rich (from Secrets and Charms [Book 2 in the series] ) Just to note: The books can be read as standalones.

I thought the author did a lovely job of keeping readers in the dark along with Dylan who had no idea what type of situation he got himself into. There was just a couple of moments where I thought Dylan had lost all common sense and wanted to smack him. But his stupidity and rash actions moved the flow of the story.

I absolutely loved Simon. He was just too adorable and I think readers could easily see how Dylan fell so quickly. I found the behavior of the special agent to be a lot suspicious since she was absent when Dylan really need to talk to her. If it wasn't explained away why that was so I think I would have still thought she was in on what was going down with the Mexican guys, Alex and Ed.

There were a few minor editing hiccups in the book but other than that the book was quite a joy to read.