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Ask Again (Odd Wolf Out Book 1)

Ask Again (Odd Wolf Out Book 1) - BA Tortuga 2.5 stars

First off I want to say that I did enjoy this story and I will be reading the next installment but I rated it low because of how the story was presented.

When I first started reading it I wasn't exactly clear about what was happening. It felt like I was reading from the middle of the story and even as I kept reading and tidbit of information was being fed to me I still wasn't getting a complete story. What I did get was a vague sense of what happened. It was like talking to a very private person and trying to find out what makes them tick.

There was just a bunch holes in the story that weren't addressed (a bit like swiss cheese). There was a lot of room to speculate on the cause of the triplets (Adam, Andy and Ashton) leaving the pack (why they were being abuse, who picked on them, the pack structure, etc.
I know it was mentioned that Andy was an omega and low on the totem pole and that was a reason but it didn't feel like a complete one.