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Resurfaced - Leslie Lee Sanders An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Patrick O'Donnel and Damien Nichols are tasked to go on a deadly mission on the surface of earth that has been ravaged by toxins to search for plant life. Patrick believes it's a real mission while Damien really know why they were sent on the mission. When Patrick is informed he doesn't believe Damien but it soon becomes apparent what has happened. Hoping finding plant life will help them regain reentry into refuge inc the two set put to find a plant.

A very well written short story. I meant to have this posted a while back but got to busy I forgot (so sorry to the author!) There was a lack of romance at the start but it slowly builds and presents itself as both Patrick and Damien rely on each other to survive. In a very short time they get to know each other and keep hope alive.