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Bear Hunter

Bear Hunter - Albert Nothlit A copy was provided me in exchange for an honest review.

The rate at which Sven and Matt's relationship moved from unwilling captive to captive and angry lust was mind spinning. It all just happened go quickly in such a short time. To me, it didn't seem like this would translate to a very lasting or loving relationship.

Matt's actions was bordering too close to rape for my liking. Sven may have been into it but Sven's struggle with the rope at certain times and warning Matt he wasn't a bottom didn't really assuage that worry. Sven was feeling pain and discomfort but pride kept him quiet. It was hard to read.

The weird linear coincidence that Sven and Matt lost someone to someone/something. I thought Matt's case was a bit more bizarre than Sven's. His behavior towards the bear just seemed over the top. The anger he displayed toward an animal who was just following instinct was just something I couldn't relate to.

I also couldn't appreciate the bear hunting advice Matt gave Sven. It felt inappropriate to read about what some might consider animal cruelty. At the same time I also thought it was a well detailed appeal to the story. The bear itself seemed intelligent changing up his route and avoiding the places Matt knew of.

A lot of rough sex in this book for such a short novel. I'm not complaining but just wanted to take notes for others who might be interested or not interested in this sort of thing.

The sudden declaration of love between Sven and Matt didn't work for me. I did like that they both got the closure they needed though and in Sven situation I really just wanted to know how his name would be cleared.

I was a split on how high I should have rated this since there was a lot of parts I liked but there were also a good amount of scenes I just couldn't wrap my mind around.