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Mortal Peril - Clodia Metelli I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

2.5 stars

As the blurb says Roderick and Martin are a vampires couple. Roderick disappears one night after going off on his own to hunt and causing some distress for Martin. It's clear from the start of the book that the two have lost the spark in their relationship. Martin still clings to Roderick even though this is true. So when Roderick doesn't come back as they agreed for the night he worries and feels guilty. Not too long after Martin meets a mortal who he becomes taken with and Roderick falls to the back of his mind. Anthony thinks Martin behaves weirdly but ignores it since he likes him while Martin can't seem to deny himself from seeing more and more of Anthony. A vampire acquaintance spots the two out and disapproves because it can mean trouble and talks to him about breaking it off. Knowing the danger for himself and Anthony, he still can't give Anthony up and instead plots a way to keep Anthony in his life. But things start to fall apart when Martin is caught, by a friend, meeting Anthony's mother. Anthony discovery about what Martin is and his vampire friend's fear for Martin's ongoing relationship causes a tense relationship between all parties.

This was a hard book for me to get into. I did enjoy parts of it but at the same time I had difficulty really getting into the book.
I like that readers got a the story from both Roderick and Martin's perspective and at times we also got to see things from Anthony and Izzy's POV. A great draw of the book was seeing the reasoning and thought processing of each character.

The back story for Martin and Roderick was intriguing, it was engrossing to learn how Martin was turned, what type of person he was, etc.

As I said there were just parts of the story that I couldn't get into. This was mainly so because I just couldn't stand the characters at time. I didn't like their attitudes or I couldn't agree with their decisions ( i.e. I thought they were being selfish; didn't like who they choose to blame and for what reason). I also was turned off a bit by the guilt tripping.

I'm not sure if I would say that Martin was grieving over Rod seeing as how quickly he moved on. Feelings of remorse was more of the feeling I got off of him during the reading since the two seemed to be tired of each other.