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Secrets - Christie Gordon There a few grammar issues.

I thought Logan's sister was being too hypocritical she wanted him to give Christian a chance but when it seems they have some sort of relationship she thinks they shouldn't hang out. Logan comes off as too desperate. I kind of thought of him as a but of a puppy chasing Christian. My respect for him fell every time he complied with Christian's wishes.

I was irritated that everyone was pushing Logan to Christian but at the same time didn't expect anything bad to happen. Everyone knew Christian was into drugs and booze.

It was disconcerting that Logan didn't really try to push Christian to stop. Logan thought it was cool that a drugged up Christian saved him from almost getting beaten up. He was a bit of an enabler. I guess we can say he maes halfhearted attempts of trying to help Christian.

Logan is actually a bit selfish in only thinking in regards to what all this means to their budding secret relationship and frankly he let Christian fool him. christian is no selfless person either, he was jerk who kept using and using. They were toxic for each other.

Logan's mom was cool for trying to protect her son but I kinda think she wad harsh in the way she dealt with the
situation in the bathroom. I disliked Logan's sister and Christian's mom. I didn't like that his sister pushed him to reconcile and then couldn't take the consequences and that she put blame on him and compared him to Christian's mother for enabling him and pushing him to heroin and disappearing. I also didn't like Logan's little pity party and him breaking down while talking to the 911 dispatcher.

I felt Clarice's woe is me behavior was overused and fake. The whole "boohoo I had a affair, boohoo my husband who I didn't love killed himself over my affair" didn't make me feel compassionate towards her at all. I felt she got what she deserved. She was selfish, plain and simple and I just didn't care for her trying to get someone in her corner so she would look like a good person played a bad card when everything was by her choice and she couldn't deal with the consequences of her actions. I thought Logan was portrayed as weak and a bit of a pushover for being unable to stand up for what he wanted or trying to persuade others to make a better choice.