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Objects Of His Obsession

Objects Of His Obsession - Jae T. Jaggart ~I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.~

4.5 stars

It's 1898 and Benedict Yeats has recently returned from Cairo, bumps into his crush and former school mate, the Duke of casterwell, Evader Casterwell, outside club. The Duke invites Benedict to a house party hosted by his wife and himself. Unable to decline such a invitation Benedict agrees. His obsession and attraction to the duke is depicted right off the bat and really explains the depth of his feeling and how badly he lusts after the duke. But the duke manages to surprise him and makes a move on him. There begins their affair.

The writing style isn't at all what I expected considering it's the 1800s. The characters sounded a bit too modernized for the time period. I don't usually like stories with cheaters but Juliana was a very likable as were Evander and Benedict. Juliana was a force to be wrecking with. I loved that she was guileless and relentless in the task she set for herself, especically when it involved Evander and Benedict.

The explosive chemistry and passion between the two was wonderful. I really felt the love and desperation the two had for each other. The sex scenes were pretty hot and I felt blush inducing. The revelation that Casterwell has an open relation with his wife was kind of surprising but at the same time not so surprising considering the time period and the fact that the act they were committing by entering into such a relationship could have made them a pariah in society or better yet endangered their lives and/or reputation.

It was interesting getting the emotion and thought from Benedict's standpoint and I was ectastic when I got to part two in the book and saw that the author also wrote in Evander's thoughts and emotion. Benedict's suffering after their first night together was very heart wrenching. The belief that he meant nothing to Evander was painful. But Evander's with his forcefulness and determined pursuit of Benedict was a joyous sight. I really liked that he didn't allow Benedict to refuse the advancement of their newly developing romantic relationship. I was literally jumping with joy when he made the move on Benedict to stay the week he promised. His revelation that he knew he would have Benedict since their eyes first met was really sweet.