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Rolling in the Mud

Rolling in the Mud - Fel Fern Rover confronts his stalker, Muddy, after Muddy destroys his windows and loses it after witnessing Rover and a clingy one night stand. Trying to calm Muddy, Rover suggests they talk it out. In which case, Muddy grabs Rover up and takes him to his cave where they finally move their relationship up a couple of steps. Muddy comes clean about their relationship and what role Rover has played in this very long life.

I really enjoyed this one a lot. Muddy's sacrifice for a future with Rover was sweet
I liked seeing how deep their connection went and learning the backstory between their link to each other. Do I wish Muddy could have stayed as he was? Yes I do, but he was so earnest and happy about his decision I just couldn't find it in my heart to be angry for him losing that ability.