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Ravel: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story

Ravel: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story - R. Phoenix A free copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars (but let's round up)

Ashton is a human from the slums. He decides its a great idea to break and enter a supes mansion to steal stuff.

Reese is an alpha male werewolf. He doesn't take kindly to Ashton invading his home. But when he find out why Ashton did it. Reese decides he'll help the human out.

I always enjoyed dystopia/cacotopia stories. There's a clear definite line drawn between humans and supes in the world of Status Quo; where they stand in hierarchy and their roles in society. It was entertaining picking up tidbits about the world. I haven't read a story before in which supernatural beings ruled over humans so I found this story gripping in that aspect.

There was nice character and relationship building. In such a short story we really got to know the characters and their thoughts concerning their roles in society. We got that both sides weren't completely satisfied with their lives and the things that were expected of them in the world they lived in. But together they found some measure of happiness.