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Alpha Seeking Omega (A Gay M/M Werebear Erotic Romance)

Alpha Seeking Omega (A Gay M/M Werebear Erotic Romance) - B.J. Sucker This was a strange story that just felt really rush. Jake works as a nurse in a small country side hospital/clinic. He gets a patient who comes in asking to be bandaged up, when Jake hears how the guy, Ethan, got scratched up, he immediate thinks Ethan should get blood work done. The strange part is Ethan admits he has a genetic condition and doesn't want the blood work done. He then shifts his arm to prove to Jake he's not crazy or a liar. While fixing Ethan the two had gotten to talking and there was some flattery going on so Jake decides to help get Ethan get out of the clinic without being seen. He then proceeds to take Ethan home with him. Ethan wants to mate him and Jake is so hard up on it and they both feel attraction towards each other so he doesn't fight it.

The story had potential but the shortness and the simple way it was presented just didn't really work for me. It just felt like the Ethan and Jake got together becuase there wasn't any other prospective suitors for them. The sex was kind of scary, there wasn't any prep. Ethan just shoved right in there (ouch) and Jake is human so there's no way he was self lubricating....